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  • Deliver Valves_Same_PressureDeliver Valves_Same_PressureDeliver Valves_Same_Pressure
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    LuTongNO. OEM NO StampingNo VehicleModel Engine
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L003 NJ-VE4/11F1900LNJ03   JMC, the Great Wall of ordinary pump JX493Q1
    ADS-VE4/11F1250L004 NJ-VE4/11F1250L009   JMC truck pump JX493Q1/PD2009
    ADS-VE4/12F1900L005 NJ-VE4/12F1900LNJ01   JMC, into the hair, the Great Wall, Foton, JAC ordinary pump 4JB1
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L006 WF-VE4/11F1900L002   JAC, Fukuda ordinary booster HFC 4DA1-1
    ADS-VE4/11F1800L007 NJ-VE4/11F1800LNJ04 0001060004-Z   Chengfa supercharger (Europe Ⅱ) ZF4JB1
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L008 NJ-VE4/11F1900L005 0001060005-Z   JMC supercharged thirteen conditions (Europe Ⅱ) JX493ZQ4A-47
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L009 NJ-VE4/11F1900L049   Wall, double blessing supercharger (Europe Ⅱ) GW2.8TDI
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L010 NJ-VE4/11F1900L064 0001060064   JMC supercharger (Europe Ⅱ) JX493ZQ4A-53
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L011 0001060087 WF-VE4/11F1900L036   Fukuda, the new morning supercharger (Europe Ⅱ BJ493ZQ-5FE
    ADS-VE4/11F1800L012 104641-7280 NP-VE4/11F1800LNP2495   JMC Transit axis, Win (TATA) JX493ZQ
    ADS-VE4/11F1800L013 104641-7172 NP-VE4/11F1800LNP2371   JMC Transit (TATA) JX493ZQ
    ADS-VE4/11F1700L014 104646-5113 NP-VE4/11F1700LNP2336   Euro Ⅱ booster Qingling (ISUZU) 4JB1-TC
    ADS-VE4/11F1900L015 0001060037 WF-VE4/11F1900L037   Fukuda Euro Ⅱ pump (BJ493ZLQ1-1f)
    ADS-VE4/11E1800L016 NJ-VE4/11E1800L019   JMC (> 3.5 t, TCI) (Europe Ⅲ) JX493ZLQ3A
    ADS-VE4/11E1800L017 NJ-VE4/11E1800L025   JMC (<3.5 t, TC) (Europe Ⅲ) JX493ZQ5C
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